Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arriving on Corregidor

We arrived yesterday morning and the day was beautiful weather-wise. It is not furnished, so we are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, like we did our last two weeks in our old house. We have a diesel generator and are awaiting solar. Right now we are using Internet service at the Corregidor Inn, which is slow so this note will be short.

We have been treated very well and expect to really enjoy ourselves in this Paradise. Last night we had squid for dinner. Not bad. We slept in the dark and negotiated with flashlights, as the generator is too expensive to use all the time. At night the sounds of the frogs and whatever else inhabits the jungle kept up a steady purr. This morning we woke up a dawn to the sounds of roosters and monkeys screeching at each other. We went to the shore to pick up our new (used) diesel Nissan jeep.

Anyway, we are safe and settling and we will now be able to pre-type our notes so that we can send more.

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