Monday, December 1, 2008

Shopping in Makati

It’s December first and it was really cold sleeping last night. We are visiting our friends Leslie and Brian in Makati, metro Manila, and in the middle of the night had to turn the air conditioning off.

We’re here to do a little more shopping, trying to shorten The List. Today Leslie accompanied Marcia and me to various shopping centers. The first stop wasn’t so bad because it was Home Depot. Not quite the same as the States, but at least they had cool tools and stuff.

But then we headed to the mall, and I got bored in 10 minutes. The women, on the other hand, got stronger and stronger. Why is that? We guys hate to shop at places like that, and when we do, it’s go straight to the store, buy the thing, and get the heck out of there. Women walk in a mall and drool for the next four hours. Sometimes they don’t even buy anything; they just “shop.”

Fortunately we had The List, so we were able to stay focused, kind of. The thing with lists is they send you by other shelves that have products that yell, “Buy me, you need me, I love you.” In today’s case we bought things such as glue that weren’t on the original list because we just happened to pass by them. What about a mop? How many guys do you know that walk by a mop and have to have it? I know one woman who did.

When we’re home on Corregidor, every time we turn around we think of something else that has to be added to The List. Darn flies, get a fly swatter. When we mentioned this to Col Art, he said, “Stop making lists.” Not a bad idea. On “Gilligan’s Island,” it’s simple, very little is for sale and there are few temptations, maybe some cookies at the sari sari store. If you want something you normally have to plan it out, give a couple hundred pesos to the boatman to bring you a chicken, 50 for some bananas, whatever.

When we’re in a mall in Manila after three weeks on a remote island, everything looks good. We went to the grocery store last night to pick up a few things before supper and there it was: ICE CREAM!!!! Since we can’t get ice cream to the island before it melts, I felt like I had to have some ice cream last night. We all had some Rocky Road after supper. Don’t you agree that was more practical than a mop? I’m just saying…

So here I am, plodding along on this email, trying to stay awake, while Marcia and Leslie, rejuvenated by a day of shopping, are out getting their hair cut and nails done.

Update: They’ve just got back, much later than expected, and guess what? They stopped to go shopping on the way back,

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Steve’s gonna be sleeping alone tonight!” Nope, ain’t gonna happen, cause we’re at Leslie and Brian’s, and they’ve only got one guest bed.

Steve (while Marcia was out getting a hair cut and SHOPPING)

The following pictures of Makati were added after we established a good internet connection.

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