Sunday, November 2, 2008

Swimming and Halloween

Yesterday reminded us of south-central Michigan with lots of clouds. The difference is that it probably wasn’t 85 degrees there. The first two weeks that we were here we only got a few sprinkles. Then we received an email from a friend that the wind had shifted and we were now officially in dry season. Since then we’ve had significant rain every day, usually over night. High humidity isn’t so bad since the temperatures are enough lower that we even have to cover with a sheet some nights. All in all it has been very pleasant the past week.

When there are no clouds in the evening the stars are a sight to behold, almost bright enough to walk by. The moon is heading toward the phase where we will be seeing it for the first time since we’ve been in the Philippines, since we never saw it while we were in Manila. Last night we saw a crescent for moment before it followed the sun over the horizon.

We went swimming on the south beach on Friday morning. The locals thought that the temperature was cool but we found it perfect. Swimming in salt water is so different because the water is denser and therefore you float very easily. It’s quite relaxing to just lay back and float. You just have to be careful not to let the current take you out to sea, and not to get sunburned.

On Friday night we were invited to a dinner at the old Spanish lighthouse for Halloween. Halloween is a big day here in the Philippines but trick-or-treating is not common.

This morning being Sunday, we went to the small Catholic church, prayed a rosary and read the readings for All-Souls Day. We understand that on this day many faithful go to cemeteries and have picnics at the graves of their family members.

There were enough overnight guests to fill the Corregidor Inn the past two evenings. However, there will be no Sun Cruises boats from Manila Monday through Wednesday, so the next few days will be quiet.

Our solar equipment is supposed to arrive on Tuesday and be installed by Friday or Saturday. Until now we have been “camping out” in our home, using flashlights to get around and read at night. We have used the diesel generator (genset) occasionally but only to wash clothes. When we have it on we make sure to charge the phone and camera batteries. It will seem a little strange to actually be able to throw a switch and have lights.

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