Saturday, October 31, 2009

We survive Typhoon Santi

We are writing this short notice to assure you that we are safe and sound after having the Typhoon Mirinae (Santi in the Philippines) pass just north of Metro Manila, which is 25 miles northeast of Corregidor. It was calm all day Friday – clearly the calm before the storm – until evening. The rains began at 9:45 PM and continued off and on for about 13 hours, totaling 2.75 inches. (Our friend Fatty Arbuckle in Lake Havasu, Arizona tells us that they have received just 2.34 inches of rain so far this year.)

We are guessing that the winds here at Middleside never exceeded 40-50 MPH. We are including two pictures of a tree in our front yard to show the wind affects. This particular eucalyptus tree normally leans a great deal, but you can see how much the top was bending in the wind.

Fortunately, there is only minor tree damage on Corregidor. We are awaiting word, hoping that the affects were minimal in Manila and the rest of Central Luzon.

Once again bad weather hit on the weekend, this time cancelling Sun Cruises’ planned Halloween outing.

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