Thursday, April 8, 2010

Readers tell us what to do with a toilet seat

We are currently hosting 12 Americans for Valor Tours and are visiting World War II sites. We plan to give a tour summary next week. So here are some suggestions for using toilet seats.

From Danny R:
There were no toilet seats in many places in the Middle East, like the Dubai Airport.

(We did not mean to imply that the Philippines is the only place this occurs, just that it is rarely if ever observed in the U.S. However, after our friends in the U.S. read the following comments about all of the cool uses there are for used toilet seats, we hope we aren’t responsible for a run on them there as well. Read on!)
From Jeff L:
1. Picture frame (especially as a joke)
2. Target for bean bag or ball toss
3. International symbol on a sign indicating where restrooms are located
4. Necklace worn as part of a costume
From Linda L:
Decorate the seat by gluing beads, shells, what have you and put a picture in the middle. Hang it on the wall. :)
From Boyet V:
How about using it as a picture frame?
From Peter P:
1. For the aged and therefore incontinent, it is more comfortable than a mere hole cut in a seat to cut the hole and place a toilet seat over it. These folks have to spend a lot of time thus seated.
2. The more colorful seats can be used to fabricate shade hats. Amazing what a few feathers and flowers can do for a toilet seat. Excellent for use at weddings and funerals.
3. I hear that rednecks often use these as Frisbees and actually have toilet seat-throwing competitions.
4. These can also be used on bancas if mounted securely, enabling you to take care of your personal needs without risk of falling into the sea.
From Bill S:
Life preservers on a banca! Hang them along the outside :-)
From Jerry L:
As for those toilet about using them as the yoke portion of a harness for goats to haul small carts?
From Virginia R:
You can use it as frame for an oval mirror, or frame for a painting. You can repaint it and make it look like gilded gold or silver.

Re the twin bananas, yes, we have them all the time. Folks used to say that if you are pregnant, and you eat twin bananas, you are bound to have twin babies. LOL. Btw, I think we have about 200 varieties of bananas. And you may even get to see twin avocados later. (Several of our readers mentioned the folklore of bearing twins if you eat twin bananas.)
From Tess T:
I couldn't think of any other use for a toilet seat but as a toilet seat. It's quite ridiculous to use it for something else. Bwa ha ha ha.
Twin bananas are not unusual in the Philippines. In the US, the bananas that are imported go through rigid quality control so the "unusuals" do not make it to shore. There is even a variety of banana that is so full of seeds, we used to have seed spitting contests because there were so much seeds in a banana.
From Aida R:
Regarding your toilet seat project?? Maybe you could make a good old bench using the toilet seat to comfortably fit the butt or to rest your tired neck, and use it on top of the sink to wash Steve’s dusty hair.
From Tomas A:
Last week we had to replace a whole unit of a toilet. Although the flushing mechanism was flawless, there was something in the design which we did not like. We did not want to just throw away a toilet in good working condition, so we asked friends and relatives if they could use such a toilet. There was one taker. She said that she would take out the toilet seat cover and the toilet seat, making the toilet sans toilet seat and cover. I was taken aback and asked why she would do that. Her answer was that the toilet seat was in the way-can you believe that? I was speechless. So then I told her to do whatever suits her.
From Penny J:
Here is my "crazy" suggestion for the toilet seats---use them as picture frames. (Believe it or not I used one as a picture frame once, of course for a joke.)
From John C:
I only use for old toilet seats I can think of is for colonial stocks. They could be decorative as well!
From Eli S:
On toilet seats, how about making it as a substitute for basketball rings? In the provinces where basketball courts are sometimes located far from their backyards, teenagers usually make do with anything that they could shoot the ball into like round-bottomless tin cans nailed in tree branches (that's how desperate they are sometimes). Another possibility is by tying a piece of rope at opposite ends of the seat and tying the other ends of the rope around a tree branch and presto, the kids will have a unique kind of a swing. Also, if say one hundred seats are tied together (five by twenty seats) and laid flat on the ground or hanged against a triangular structure, the kids will have some interesting segments of an obstacle course.

From Wes S:
You can use the toilet seats for “hillbilly horseshoes”!
And last, a couple of our own ideas:

1. As a variation of the horseshoes suggestion using the open-ended type of seat, the closed type would work for ring-toss games.
2. A mirror frame as a joke-gift for someone with a very good sense of humor, of course.

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