Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're back in the States, and We're Number One!

We left Corregidor on Sunday afternoon and spent two days in Manila with our new friend Rebecca. We had a great time visiting with her and were able to do last minute business and shopping. A special thanks to Rebecca for taking us in and making us feel at home, Minnesota style.

While in Manila we were saddened to hear that Brian Murray, the husband of our dear friend Leslie, passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Brian was a true British gentleman, an engineer who continued working until it was absolutely impossible. We loved to listen to him talk about trains and the rail systems in the Philippines.

We arrived safely in Minneapolis after 18 hours of travel: four hours from Manila to Tokyo, a three hour lay-over, then almost half a day flying over the North Pacific and Canada. It is nice to be back “home.” We are hoping to have normal, warm to hot weather these next two months, although when we arrived it was cloudy and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius) at one o’clock in the afternoon. Brrrrr!!! Last summer it was mostly unseasonably cool during our stay, feeling more like fall to us than summer. We rarely wore shorts, needing blue-jeans and long sleeves to be warm enough.

We do not expect to write our weekly newsletters until we return to the Rock in August. Should anything really exciting happen we may write one or two, but to be honest, we could use a break. It’s real work producing a quality newsletter each and every week.

Speaking of which, the results are in. Our readers have voted “Steve and Marcia on the Rock” the Number One Newsletter/Blog in the Universe. Here are some of your comments:

Yep, you're #`1 in our book. Thanks for your hard work, and look forward to someday getting to the island. Rob and Lynda

You are the ONLY newsletter I read! Lou

Since yours is the only one I read religiously, I must vote for yours. Salud, Bob

My vote counts and I am voting for you. Please continue the great work. Scott

Why do you even bother to ask about the best blog/newsletter? The Kwiecinski letter is the best. Period. None other close. PP

Yours is number 1. Gerald

Re your survey: Yours is the only one I read, so that makes #1 with me. I do appreciate your newsletters very much, thank you. Karl

Of course it is the best. But it is my only newsletter. I enjoy reading and associating with the friendship both have you shown to me.. Visiting the Island is hopefully not my last as I have enjoyed every visit. Steve C.

I vote for "1", yours is the best blog in the universe. - - - To be fair, it is also the only one that I am reading, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to let you know that I enjoy it and feel lucky I got on the distribution list (we met a while ago at a climb up Mount Pinatubo). Thanks for writing the blog. Stefan

This is a no brainer! # ONE OF COURSE! Aloha - Sascha

Steve and Marcia , you're the best! Who else could write the best newsletter/blog???? I want to make sure my vote counts. Keep up the good work guys and God bless you !!! AIDA

The best newsletter on the universe is Steve and Marcia on the Rock…. Yehey Galo

Your blog is the best and most interesting. Kathleen

You are the best and only newsletter/blog that I read. I say you win hands down!! I enjoy reading them. (in honor of the rain) Patty

I don't follow blogs on the web. I read yours via my Inbox. By default the, you get the prize! Maria

My vote goes to Steve and Marcia on the Rock. I love your pieces of history on the war, your news tidbits & commentary, as well as the photos! Keep up the good work on informing everyone of life on the Rock. Mary

#1 - Marcia and Steve on the Rock!! I look forward to each one! And save them! Interesting material - Well written! Good fun to know where and what you are writing about re: Corregidor. Makes them meaningful. Could make the newsletters/blogs into a book, Steve. – Sue (and Jack, too)

There’s no doubt that ‘Steve and Marcia on the Rock’ is a very informative, detailed and interesting newsletter but honestly, I would not know if it is one of the best or simply the best there is since it is the only blog that I read so far. Just the same, I whole-heartedly vote for it. My best to both of you, Eli
Yours is the best blog/newsletter of course! I read all your releases. Keep on! Best regards, Rolly

I am voting for: Steve and Marcia on the Rock……..hands down, the best of all newsletter/blogs in the Universe. Frankly, none other interests me. My best regards, Fidencio


(Everett is a Corregidor Veteran and POW)

We think you get the idea, and we thank each of you for your vote. Some of you admit that you don’t read other blogs. Why would you need to? The final tally wasn’t close. The vote was unanimous. What a compliment!

Seriously, we do try to do our best, mixing in a bit of humor – such as this vote – with the serious business of telling our story. We do this to promote the best interests of the World War II Shrine which is Corregidor, the best preserved battlefield in the Pacific.

Steve and Marcia on (actually, temporarily off) the Rock – The Number 1 Newsletter/Blog in the Universe as voted by our unbiased readers in a scientifically conducted internet poll,! – To Infinity! And Beyond!

P.S. We will have access to email during our trip, so you can stay in contact with us if you wish. Email us if you want a phone number to reach us while we’re in the States.

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