Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day at the American Cemetery in Manila

We never would have guessed how difficult a task it was when we included a picture of a semi-circular red object in our newsletter and asked our readers to identify it. Only two people were able to come up with the correct answer without hints. Joe was one of Steve’s best friends growing up in Duluth, Minnesota. Earl was a high school classmate of Steve’s at St. John’s Prep in Collegeville, Minnesota. Both recognized the picture as a single tile from a roof, common in the southwest U.S. and other warm areas of Spanish influence. We’ve included the original photo from which the close-up was obtained.

Recently we had two tour groups visit the island, having prearranged for Steve as guide. One group included our friends Marie and Gus, three of Gus’ siblings visiting for a family reunion, and a friend of one of the siblings, Colleen. We had a good day together, with cooperative weather and good conversation mixed with the history of Corregidor. The second group was made up of five members of the American Women’s Club of the Philippines, with most of their husbands accompanying them. Some stayed overnight, so we were able to have dinner together at the MacArthur CafĂ© just before thundershowers rolled over the island.

Earlier today we attended the Veterans Day ceremonies at the American Cemetery in Manila. We took lots of pictures and are letting them tell the story. Guest speakers were U. S. Ambassador Harry Thomas, Jr. and retired Philippine Lt. Gen. Ernesto Carolina.

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