Monday, June 3, 2013

Things are "looking down"

If you recall, the theme of a recent newsletter was “looking up,” referring to people who deserve respect and honor, as well as the beautiful and interesting sights in the world overhead.  This time we focus on some wonders seen while “looking down.” 
We were invited to spend the weekend with friends who lease a beach home near the southwest tip of Batangas Province, not all that far from Corregidor.  Steve went snorkeling for his first time, followed by six more outings during the three-day stay.  Marcia swam at the beautiful beach, having an inner-ear dysfunction that causes vertigo with activities like snorkeling.  We have attached some photos taken by Steve and our friend Lee at one of the reefs.  It was the first time for either of them to try underwater photography, and we were impressed with the results.  Look carefully and you will see a number of species of tropical fish, starfish, and other underwater creatures, amidst various plants and coral formations.  Lee’s friend Chris (dark blue shirt) is holding a crab, and the next photo shows Steve wearing his green “2012 Great Lakes Folk Festival” T-shirt. We hope you enjoy the picture-show!

Steve and Marcia on the Rock

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