Friday, August 1, 2014

In the States, robins eggs

Because we have been in the United States (Minnesota) since late June, we were not on Corregidor when the major typhoon struck the island.  The only information that we received was that the Rock took a massive hit: trees were down and blocking the roads; in some cases, uprooted trees lifted and broke water pipelines that run nearby; some historic buildings were damaged; and Sun Cruises had to suspend their day-trips for a while.  We do not know any more than that, as no one who has actually seen the damage has contacted us, so at this point we don’t know what we will see upon our return.

As luck would have it, a robin decided to lay her eggs in a planter hanging on the porch of Steve’s mother Mary Anne’s house.  Our arrival at her house coincided with the little birds as new hatchlings.  We were able to watch them for all of ten days.  It’s amazing how quickly they mature.  The series of photos only covers a couple of weeks.

Four robin's eggs laid in the nest before we arrived

Four hatchlings as seen on our first day with Mom
Two days later; somebody's HUNGRY this morning!
Notice how visible the feathers are already

Cautious mama or papa, with little one peeking out below

Ten days old, and ready to fly

We brought a number of copies of Steve’s book with us to the States.  If you have not gotten one and would like to purchase an autographed copy, please contact us at for more information.  (A comment to the blog does no good unless you include contact information.)

We are pleased to announce that the book is now available in a Kindle edition on Amazon.  Simply go to and search for “Kwiecinski Corregidor” or “Honor Courage Faith”.

Our immediate plans are to travel to Michigan to spend a week with family and friends.  We hope to see some of you there.  For our friends in the Philippines, we’ll be back in early September, hopefully with good news from Corregidor.

Steve and Marcia (presently not on) the Rock

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