Friday, December 5, 2014

Awaiting Typhoon Ruby (Int'l Hagupit)

We are sitting in our “dirty kitchen” reading reports that a very powerful typhoon, Hagupit (locally called Ruby) is going to make landfall in the Philippines on Saturday, Philippine time.  The latest path projection shows it passing right over us.  Notice in the picture from Typhoon 2000 that the arrow on the left is pointing to the entrance of Manila Bay, where Corregidor is situated. 
Monday is three days away, and Ruby can, and some experts say she will, veer northward off this projected course.  In any case, understand that it will have to travel over land to get here, and typhoons always lose power when over land.  This is not to say that it will not pack a punch, not only to us but also to nearby Manila, but it cannot possibly do the damage to this area as Typhoon Yolanda did to Leyte a little over a year ago.  We are glad to hear that people are taking this storm much more seriously in the Leyte/Samar area, a lesson learned the hard way from Yolanda.
People in the east-central Visayas and/or extreme southern Luzon will get the worst of this storm, to be sure, and all we can do here is close up the house and wait it out.  Our house is 300 feet above sea level so we will not be affected by any storm surge, and the house is solidly built and has withstood many typhoons in the past.  We will update you regarding the effects early next week after Ruby passes, wherever that may be.
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