Monday, February 16, 2015

70th Anniversary of the Rock Force Assault

We've written several times about the "Rock Force" assault that began on February 16, 1945.  Today is the 70th Anniversary.  We had a private flag raising at 8:30 with a few friends, and Steve took a video of the flag going up from a nearby second floor.  We present it to you here, with little or no sound.

We are busy with a tour so we will only be sharing a few of our favorite photos.  We wanted to get this out quickly so that our readers have a chance to reflect on the actual anniversary.  As usual, at he 11 o'clock public ceremony, Steve spoke, but for some reason, Marcia forgot to take any photos of his talk this time, which was attended by a few dozen island visitors.

Getting ready to raise the flag

Anniversary banner

Our guest, retired Lt. Col. Thomas Morgan, West Point Class of 1958

To read more, see this blog from three years ago:

This was our seventh yearly ceremony, and we are a bit sad that it may very well be our last time to be here on February 16.

Steve and Marcia on the Rock

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