Friday, October 25, 2013

Steve and Marcia look back at the first five years

Tuesday, October 22, marked the 5th anniversary of us coming to live on Corregidor.  We have compiled a number of photos that highlight our time on the Rock, taken from previous newsletters.  We hope you enjoy this short walk down "memory lane" with us.  Steve and Marcia

Marcia and Steve on South Dock upon arrival, Oct. 22, 2008 

Steve with Nissan jeep, our on-island transportation 

MacArthur Museum curator James Zobel, Filipino American Memorial Endowment executive Leslie Murray, and Corregidor Foundation, Inc. executive director Col. Art Matibag

 Corregidorian John Hogue  on banca, Fort Drum (Concrete Battleship) in background

Remnants of General Douglas MacArthur's House that we identified in 2009

 Tree apparently growing out of the concrete

Island explorers and experts, Paul Whitman and Karl Welteke

Monkey in our backyard

 Marcia with guide going up Mount Pinatubo

Wave on South Beach following Typhoon Ondoy, Oct. 2009

Violet Halverson, Tom Clark, Jack Duncan, and Otha Jackson, 4 WWII veterans in front of Angeles City VFW

Former President Fidel Ramos, Steve, and Marcia at American Cemetery, Manila

 Marcia, Steve, U.S. Representative (at the time) Bob Filner

 Betsy Harris and nephew Scott point to her father's name, Cabanatuan Memorial

 48-star flag-raising ceremony, annually commemorating February 16 return of Americans to retake Corregidor

 Death March survivor Malcolm Amos at his marker near Camp O'Donnell, Capas, Tarlac

Wally McKay and daughter Patty point to name of Hortense McKay (Wally's sister) at Nurses' Memorial, Corregidor

 Marcia and Steve with Stewart Mills, contributor to Death March marker maintenance

Forward 14-inch gun turret, Fort Drum

CFI Exec Art Matibag, U.S. Congressman Jeff Miller, and Steve, Battery Way

 Our friends and frequent hosts when we are in Manila, Esther and Ray Ong (West Point, 1963)

 Dick Adams, 503rd Parachute veteran, at Topside ceremony

Former California governor Pete Wilson and Steve walking last KM of Death March

Marcia and author Hugh Ambrose entering Camp O'Donnell

Japanese group, including dear friends Naoko (left) and Yuka (third from right)

Battery Cheney as seen from air while Steve was flown around Corregidor

 Muffy Olson, who lived on Corregidor as a little girl, pointing to her father Richard Marshall in Pacific War Museum

On top of Malinta Hill with Oscar Leonard, oldest veteran (age 91) to climb the hill

Marcia with butterfly

Jim Collier (right) at Bunker's Bunker, where he was when he heard of Corregidor surrender, May 6, 1942

Ray Heimbuch (ex-POW) and Steve at Davao Penal Colony

Marcia with Shanaica at Christmas party

Bill Sanchez (oldest returning American Veteran at age 93) looking at train car, Capas National Shrine, (Camp O'Donnell)

Evidence of large landslide now covering south access road, Malinta Hill

 Valor Tours group at Start of Death March, Mariveles, Bataan, April 2009

 Eagle soaring near nest, Corregidor

Steve's sisters Paula and Della with Steve at Battery Geary

Marcia coming ashore with MacArthur, Palo, Leyte

Steve and Marcia with former U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines,  Harry K. Thomas

Rep. Walz Honors American Hero Walter Kwiecinski
To see this amazing1-minute tribute, see:

 Lee, who took Steve snorkelng for the first time

Shelby Hall pointing at name of Valleon Sylvester, Wall of Missing, American Cemetery, Manila

Constance Cowan, whose brother James died in 1944 in the Philippines, with battery mate Everett Reamer, Aug. 2013

 Steve and Marcia in front of Middleside Barracks after five years on the Rock

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  1. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing!
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