Sunday, November 3, 2013

More 5th anniversary photos

Over the years we have included over 1,600 photos in our newsletters (now blog postings).  Our latest blog generated such attention that we decided to put together another set of photos from the last five years.
If any of these photos pique your interest (the snakes – yes, plural – Steve almost stepped on, Steve’s lost glasses, Steve’s attack by killer rattan, or Steve’s missing body, for example), we invite you to browse the website for previous stories – and photos of Marcia, too.

Faith Academy Boy Scouts behind gun at Battery Morrison after volunteer cleanup project

Imelda Marcos onboard 7107 Islands cruise ship for dinner and entertainment

Steve's one and only cockfight

Rene the contract employee using his teeth to open a beer bottle

Mouse-size bats in Middleside Tunnel, aka 'The Bat Cave'

Bloodstones on the beach at 'The 92nd Garage Area'

Valor Tours founder Bob Reynolds and his wife Betty

Moonset over Topside Barracks

Jack and the late Susan Murphy at Hellships Memorial, Subic Bay (Susan's father died on a Hellship in 1945)

Lower level on Fort Drum, 'The Concrete Battleship'

Marcia trying to read legband on lost homing pigeon

Lynn Lafever (Corregidor's long-time Santa Claus) with headwaiter Bing at the Corregidor Inn

Newly-commissioned Philippine Marines at Battery Hearn

Marcia and Beth Pernecita at island Christmas dinner

Ronnette and Stephanie, the island beauties, at the island Christmas party

Bill and Midge Kirwan, Marcia and Steve awaiting sunset at Battery Grubbs

A snake (later ID'd as a cobra) that Steve almost stepped on inside RJ43 Tunnel

Joe, Tom, and Dan under a tree (literally) that straddles the trail near Battery Hanna

Bird photographer Ely Teehankee with Marcia

Ely Teehankee's photo of Black-naped Orioles

Men preparing pig for annual festival in Barangay Lay-Ahan, Pototan, Iloilo

'School bus' in Pototan, Iloilo

Our Lady of Candles, Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City

Sun Cruises, Inc. owner Doris Ho, Steve and Marcia at the Corregidor Inn

Steve with 'the girl who dropped her shoe,' and an unnamed Korean girl

Group of U.S. 4th Marines at Malinta Tunnel, proud of their predecessors who defended Corregidor in 1942

Author John Lukacs at Battery Way, reading the plaque dedicated to Steve's father

USS Carl Vinson in Manila Bay a week after disposing of Osama Bin Laden's body

Fallen pillar, Middleside Barracks, caused by Typhoon Pedring, Oct. 2011

Peter Parsons and John Moffitt in look-out shelter on top of Malinta Hill

Susie and Tom displaying rival school colors and soles from Susie's shoes, which detached as we hiked

'Air Baludbod,' in blue uniform, defended by white team's number 41

Steve's lost glasses at the base of the tree, inches from where we'd begun our two-day search for them

Marcia by large concrete slab from Battery Ramsay explosion

Veterans and descendants of veterans imprisoned at Cabantuan

Seven WWII Vets with U.S. Ambassdor, Harry K. Thomas, in Embassy

AWON (American World War II Orphans Network) tour group at American Cemetery for Memorial Day remembrance

Sunset over Mariveles, Bataan, viewed from Battery Grubbs

Clutch of giant sea turtle eggs being deposited into a hole on the South Beach

Bee swarm on Tailside

Python that Steve almost stepped on beside jungle trail

Close-up of two White-bellied Sea-eagle eggs

*U.S. Congressmen Jo Bonner, Mike Michaud, Janee Bonner, Steve, Jeff and Vicki Miller, Marcia, Tim Walz, Gus and Teddy Bilirakis

Former Navy nurses Elinor and Jeanne point to acquaintances at Angels Marker on Corregidor

Michael Coon at traditional start of the Bataan Death March
Film and TV star Mark Dacascos (Hawaii Five-0's 'Wo Fat') with Steve K. and 'The Book' at Capas, Tarlac

 Solar rainbow (parhelic circle)

Seemingly benign rattan

Rattan razor wire that scared the heck out of Steve when it snaked inside his shirt while trail-clearing

Where is Steve's body? Della and Paula look great, though!

Steve & Marcia at Walter's grave, Ft. Snelling, Minnesota, 2012

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