Friday, November 15, 2013

Typhoon disaster relief organizations

Now that we are back home on Corregidor, we are more removed from the media reports, but still very aware of the individuals and families struggling to survive the terrible tragedy that befell the Philippines last week as a result of Typhoon Hainan (Yolanda).  So many have yet to even make contact with their loved ones, still not knowing the extent of losses suffered.  We have received the following information to pass along to readers who wish to help. 
One email contained the following information:
The “Guardian “(London) has recommended to its US readers the agencies below, which generally can be relied upon to get your donation where it belongs.  And yes, most of these agencies will accept volunteers who want to get their boots on the ground & their fingers dirty.  There is a serious need for both.
The American Red Cross has sent relief specialists to the area and is set to send telecommunication specialists and supplies to the area, with its tracing system in place, and Philippine Red Cross volunteers are providing local aid.
Habitat for Humanity is aiming to raise funds to provide 10,000 core houses, cleaning kits for 50,000 families and shelter repair kits for 30,000 families in the affected areas.
Catholic Relief Services has acquired 32,000 tarps and emergency supplies intended for the country. Its strategy is to serve 32,000 households in three areas: Ormoc, Palo and Basey.
Direct Relief is collaborating with on the ground partner Asia America Initiative to deliver medical aid and flood relief supplies requested by the latter organization.
Médecins Sans Frontières has sent emergency teams to the worst-affected parts of the country and a staff including doctors, psychologists and surgeons.
Oxfam America is collecting money to rush emergency aid to the Philippines, including food, clean water, medicine, sanitation supplies and shelter.
Operation USA is requesting donations for relief and recovery efforts and corporate donations of bulk supplies. It is also accepting air mile donations.
Another email contained the following information:    
Dear Steve and Marcia,
I relay for your information and possible use [for] concerned Phil-Ams in the United States  who may want to donate through the Amcham Foundation Philippines, Inc. web-site for the Visayas Typhoon relief operations.
Click DONATE and fill in the box DISASTER RESPONSE.   *****
You may use either credit cards, Paypal or Online-banking.
We are currently preparing relief operation goods and supplies for the Visayas that were terribly devastated by Super typhoon Yolanda.
*****   We can issue, upon request, tax donation certification from either our U.S.  IRS  501(c)3  or  our Philippine BIR  authorized  Foundation.  Just indicate U.S. or Phils. in the message box.                                         
Thanks and Best Regards,
Robert M. Sears 
Amcham Foundation Philippines, Inc.
To the best of our knowledge, these are all reputable organizations that will channel aid directly to the disaster areas and those who most need it
We repeat:  This storm had no negative effect on Corregidor, Manila, and parts north in Luzon.
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