Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birds, bees, and BRRR!

We are happy to announce that since our last newsletter we have found a solution to our internet woes.  Having changed companies (Globe Tattoo to Smart Bro) we seem to have our best service yet.  Here are a couple of dozen captioned photos that we have taken since the first of the year.  The subjects are bees, birds, butterflies, bunkers, etc., and BRRR!

Large bees in Chinese betel palm

Bee closeup

Grey-streaked flycatcher

Emerald dove

Collared kingfisher

Yellow-vented bulbuls and grey-streaked flycatcher puffed up to keep warm

Cooking oil solidified due to the cool weather (tulog mantika)

Steve's sister Paula sent us this picture of Walter Kwiecinski's grave in Ft. Snelling.  It's a lot colder in Minnesota! 

This and the next several -photos are of assorted butterflies shot in out back yard


Marcia clearing entrance to ammunition bunker entrance below Battery Way

Gecko and eggs inside the same bunker

Shell carrier (without wheels) in Battery Way ammunition bunker

Ammunition bunker below Battery Boston

  Bouganvillea above Middleside Barracks as seen from the road

Our jeep with tears in the roof

  Marcia and Gilbert making repairs with black duct tape

 Full moonrise January 15 as seen from Kindley Field, Tailside

Bataan Peninsula, sunset at same time as moonrise, as seen from Kindley Field

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