Saturday, February 8, 2014

More things with wings

Now that we are getting more sunny days and the temperatures are warmer, Marcia has been taking more bird photos near the house and out on the trails.  Some of these birds are species you have seen before from us, some are first-timers.  Being very much an amateur, she can only imagine what a more experienced birder and photographer might be able to do.  The birds are shy, so we’ve included originals and crops of each so that you see more detail.

Blue rockthrush at Battery Crockett

Grey-streaked flycatcher at Middleside with dragonfly in beak

Three views of pied fantail at Middleside

Pied triller at Middleside

Sulphur-crested cockatoo above Middleside reservoir

Yellow-vented bulbul on eucalyptus seedling at Middleside

Collared kingfisher with food in mouth at Middleside

Brahminy kite soaring above Middleside

Female olive-backed sunbird near Battery Geary

Male olive-backed sunbird near Battery Geary

The photo of the plane was taken as it overflew Corregidor recently, “buzzing” the island.  We’ve been told that it is a Vietnam-War-era Bronco, used as a trainer by the Philippine Air Force. 

"Bronco" flying over Corregidor
Between the buzzing Bronco and the booms from dynamite fishing, sometimes we have had a very tiny taste of life on Corregidor in late 1941 and early ’42.  In the past couple weeks we have noted a decrease in the booms, which leads us to hope that efforts by those responsible for enforcement of anti-illegal fishing laws are being successful.

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