Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our 250th blog! VIPs come to Corregidor; more birds and butterfiles

Welcome to our 250th newsletter/blog since we began living on Corregidor over five years ago!

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had some American VIPs here on Corregidor.  On Friday, February 14, we hosted the top U.S. Naval officer, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Jonathan Greenert.  On the 16th, we once again participated in a brief ceremony recalling the surprise parachute drop that led to the recapture of Corregidor.  Several of our friends came to the island for this remembrance.  And on the 21st, we hosted four women whose husbands are U.S. Congressmen serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee.  Then on the 24th, we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary, our 6th straight year to celebrate it here on the Rock.

In addition, Marcia has included even more bird and other nature pictures.

Visit of CNO Jonathan Greenert
Helicopters arriving with U.S. Navy VIPs

Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert and wife Darleen with Marcia and Steve, with Cine Corregidor in background

Steve describing Fort Drum, the 'Concrete Battleship,' as seen from Battery Crockett parapet

One of the helicopters lifts off for return to Manila

Medalions presented to us by Admiral Greenert

February 16
Rock Force Commemoration of the retaking of Corregidor
This year's February 16th commemorative flag-raising to honor members of the "Rock Force"

48-star U.S. flag flies from Spanish Flagpole at Topside

Flag-raisers Kanim, Karl, Ron, Steve, Paul, Marcia, security guard, Harold

T-shirt commemorating the Rock Force, gift of the family of Tony Lopez of the 503rd PRCT

German-born Karl W., USN ret. (right) his lifelong friend Harold, visiting from Germany (left) and Marcia, of predominantly German ancestry

Visit of Congressmen's wives
Congressional Delegation guests Jennifer Messer, Marie Royce, Brenda Weber, and Roxanne Dusenbury-McCrory with Marcia at nurses marker.  They are the wives of Congressmen Luke Messer, R-Indiana, Edward Royce, R-California, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Randy Weber, R- Texas, and Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina

Gifts from the Congressional Delegation guests

Fruit bats; look closely for ears and noses to see why they are called flying foxes. Can you find all three faces?

Pollen-laden bee on blossom, the size of large bumblebees seen in U.S.

Pied triller posing in back yard

Another Pied triller, posing in side yard

Osprey perched above road to Battery James, camouflaged in shadows so look closely

Same osprey at 'lift-off.' Admittedly blurry, but you try taking this picture!

Pink-necked green-pigeon near Battery James

Philippine bulbul along North Access Road near Battery James

White-breasted woodswallow atop tree near house

Same woodswallow in territorial display, looks much like this in flight also

Lowland white-eye, rare chance to see one not hiding in leaves

Pompadour green-pigeons in backyard acacia tree

Zebra dove posing beside our dirty-kitchen

Mangrove blue flycatcher, one of many along road to Battery James

Black-naped oriole beside house

Another oriole in our front yard

One of our rare colorful sunrises (color un-retouched), with a pair of pompadour green-pigeons silhouetted just below and left of center

Butterfly 'captured' along Wheeler-Cheney Road

Same butterfly with wings spread, light blue color is iridescent in direct sunlight

Butterfly seen on palm-frond in side yard

Butterfly seen along road to Battery James

Same butterfly with wings more open

Another butterfly, photo taken in same area

More butterflies from James-Morrison Road. This year we are seeing the highest numbers of butterflies since taking up residence on the island.

Blossoms and fruit on starfruit tree (balimbing) in front yard

Flowering plant rooted in crack in concrete along road above Battery Geary

Last, and almost certainly least...
Middleside Parade Ground with thousands of funnel-spider webs. It reminds us of a light dusting of snow from our days in the snowy U.S.  The picture cannot really portray the effect.

Steve and Marcia on the Rock

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