Monday, April 6, 2015

Valor Tours Ghost Soldiers of Bataan Day 1 Manila


We began our annual Valor Tours "Ghost Soldiers of Bataan and Hellships Memorial Tour to the Philippines" today.  We spent a few hours touring in and around the Manila Hotel.

Before we hit the road we visited the MacArthur Suite in the Manila Hotel.  It comes with 24-hour butler service and breakfast buffet for up to four, all for only $3300 a night.  Very little original furnishing, as most were destroyed in the war, but look for the old chair which dates back to around 1913.

Then we boarded our bus for a short city tour with our faithful guide Tommy Soria.

Our first stop was the Jose Rizal Monument very near the Manila Hotel.  Rizal is the national hero and was executed by the Spaniards at this spot.

Next we visited the Manila Cathedral.  Steve and Marcia had attended Good Friday services in a packed house only three days prior.

We stopped at the former location of General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters, No. 1 Calle Victoria, Intramuros.

Between 1 Calle Victoria and the Manila Cathedral is the Memorarae Memorial.  It is dedicated to the 100,000 civilians who got caught in the middle of the Battle for Manila, between the occupying Japanese and the liberating Americans, Feb 3-Mar 3, 1945.

Always an important stop within the walls (Intramuros) is Fort Santiago.

Lunch at TGI Fridays.

The giant flag which flies at the Jose Rizal Monument across Luneta Park as seen from the Manila Hotel.

Day 2 is Corregidor, Days 3 and 4 Bataan.  Whether or not we can post daily will depend upon whether we can get a good internet connection, something we currently have at the Manila Hotel, and how full our schedule is each day.

Steve and Marcia on the Rock

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