Thursday, April 16, 2015

Valor Tours Ghost Soldiers of Bataan Day 11 Santo Nino, San Juanico Bridge, and the amazing Cody


Day 11, our final day, started with a tour of the Santo Nino Shrine in Tacloban.  We'll include a few photos.  For more information, see  We apologize for the photo quality.  The shrine is pretty dark in most places, making shots either seem too dark (handheld, no flash) or too bright with a flash.

I'm a little?! teapot

Notice "Ferdie" and "Meldie" in the photographs, common throughout the shrine

Imelda's "Family Tree"

"Virgin of the Water," a rendition of Imelda

We visited the site of two large ships which had come ashore with Typhoon Yolanda on November 8, 2013.  As you can see, one is almost removed, while the other is still there.  Across from the Eva Jocelyn is a sign of encouragement (THERE IS HOPE)

Our next point of interest is the San Juanico Bridge, which connects Leyte and Samar.  It is the longest bridge in the Philippines, "is graceful and enhances the natural beauty of the area."  Kent K, guest

On the Samar side is a sculpture commemorating recovery from Typhoon Yolanda/Hainan.  The hand represents Mother Nature, the woman is the mother of all Samar, and the child represents the children who are the future of Samar.  The mother's right arm encircles a statue of Santo Nino, the Child Jesus, who is the patron saint and protector of this area.

Going back over to Leyte.

Last night we met the most remarkable little boy.  Cody, who will not turn three until August 9, is a geographical prodigy.  Cody knew all the letters of the alphabet before he was one, knows all the planets, and can point to just about any country you can name on his small globe.  Can you find Belize on a globe?  How about Serbia, Uzbekistan, and Vanuatu?  Cody can, and he's two years and eight months old!  If this kid does not get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show something's fishy.  He and his family survived the strongest storm to ever strike occupied land when Cody was a little over one year old, so there is also a back-story to this amazing little boy.

Tour coordinator Madison, Cody, mom Miki, tour company owner and Lola Ludette, and our guide Butz.

Our tour ends when we go our separate ways after we fly back to Manila.  We hate to see this group disband - our feeling after every tour for guests of Valor Tours.

Steve and Marcia on the Rock

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